Sadhana Smiles

CEO, Real Estate Industry Partners (REIP)

Starting her career as a receptionist Sadhana set about creating a path for herself that saw her achieve many firsts.

In her current role as the CEO of Real Estate Industry Partners (REIP) Sadhana is working with leaders to not just unite and future proof the real estate industry but to ensure it remains sustainable for years to come.

Sadhana is also one of a handful of culturally and linguistically diverse leaders in the country. Arriving in Australia as a migrant at the age of 16 she is using her influential position to have courageous conversation with leaders on the “colours of their organisations”.

“Diversity is critical; however, it is in the inclusion that we unleash the power of the talent in our organisations; diversity on its own never works”.

She was named the 2013 “Telstra Business Woman of the Year” and was the winner of the 2016 “100 Women of Influence”. Sadhana is a podcaster – Future Fit Leadership, author and speaker.

Sadhana is very intentional in how she leads her life and her drive comes from her desire to leave the world she influences a better place.

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