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PropTech represents the new era of technology innovation which is set to disrupt the traditional real estate industry. If you provide solutions operating in any of the following areas, then you should get involved.

Smart Real Estate: Focused on the operation and management of real estate assets. These companies typically focus on providing information about buildings or facilitating the control of these buildings.

Shared Economy: Focused on the use of real estate assets focusing on the occupier markets. These companies typically provide information to users and act as a facilitator for a broad range of transactions.

Real Estate FinTech: Focused on trading of real estate asset ownership. These companies focus on providing information for buyers and sellers or directly performing the operations.

ConTech: Focused on built and construction work. These companies attempt to serve engineers and architects in the design and construction of buildings.

Digitising processes: Innovations that digitise traditional processes, leverage data and are accessible online in real time making them more efficient and user friendly.

Flexible workspaces: Innovations that create the opportunity for Real Estate to be flexible in time, location and environment enabling g the ‘anywhere’ and ‘anytime’ workplace.

Healthy workplace & living: Solutions focused on the physical working environment, ranging from air purity to office treadmills for walking meetings, optimising employee satisfaction, health or productivity.

Internet of Things (IoT): Innovations that connect multiple devices, systems and/or buildings with the aim of making Real Estate more efficient, sustainable and user-friendly.

New ways of funding: Innovations that make funding less complicated, more accessible and/or increase liquidity for both the demand and supply side.

Sustainable innovations: Solutions focused on aspects such as ESG, energy savings, water-efficiency and circular economy in order to sustain our natural resources.

Virtual reality and 3D mapping: Solutions that can aid in design visualisation, stakeholder engagement & consultation, marketing, virtual tours and facilities management.

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At the Real Estate Innovation Festival 2022 we’ll bring together the game changers of the real estate industry for exclusive insights, business and networking opportunities, and to showcase the most innovative solutions to unprecedented challenges. Partnering will enable you to demonstrate your company’s thought leadership alongside the industry’s most influential visionaries while making valuable connections and engaging with key decision makers through our leading hybrid event platform. 

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