Real Estate Innovation Festival

9-10 November, 2022 | Sydney, Australia + Virtual

The annual gathering for the people and companies redefining Australasia’s real estate industry



As Australasia’s real estate sector grows in size and sophistication, asset owners, property developers, investors and service providers in the region are increasingly looking for ways to improve their operations, reduce risk and gain an advantage over their competitors by adopting new technologies. This move towards tech adoption in real estate is called PropTech, and it’s a movement that has been gathering speed across all asset classes, as well as up and down the value chain.

At the Real Estate Innovation Festival 2022 (REIF 2022) we’ll bring together the gamechangers of the real estate industry for exclusive insights, business and networking opportunities, and to showcase the most innovative PropTech solutions to unprecedented challenges. Join us and help shape the future!

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REIF 2022

Meet Our Speakers

Lauren Alpeyrie

Director - Global Innovation, PGIM Real Estate (USA) | A$290Billion in Real Estate Assets

Andrew Young

Group Chief Innovation Officer, Sino Group & Co-Chair, HK PropTech Alliance | 130 million square foot investment portfolio over 250 buildings across Australia, Hong Kong & Singapore

Esther An

Chief Sustainability Officer, City Developments Limited (CDL), Singapore | Ranked the most sustainable real estate company and the 5th most sustainable company in the world 2022

Dr. Manuel Käsbauer

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, PATRIZIA (Germany) | A$80Billion in Real Estate Assets

Joanna Marsh

General Manager, Innovation & Advanced Analytics, Investa

Divya Pall

General Manager - Innovations, Hines (India) | A$220Billion in Real Estate Assets

Melissa Hardy

Director, Business Performance & Technology, Real Estate, QIC

Micah Schulz

Head of Office, Lendlease

Domonic Thompson

National Head of Residential Real Estate, Macquarie Bank

Scott Stumbles

Development Director, Office & Mixed Use, Mirvac

Themes Being Discussed


The current Proptech landscape, the future of investment and consolidation in the industry, and the impact being realized across the built world.


How are leading-edge real estate companies adopting technology – from strategy to implementation – and creating a culture that embraces innovation.


The technologies, innovative financing models, and new strategies for de–carbonising and future-proofing real estate assets.


The purpose of the office has changed. There is now a greater need for flexible space and hybrid formats where employees can collaborate in-person and remotely. So where does that leave office landlords and how will tech impact offices in the years ahead?


As PropTech continues to infiltrate the real estate industry, the conventional agency community will need to embrace innovation if it wants to remain in business and competitive – what kinds of innovations are really making a difference?


As the actual users of real estate, CRE tenants need tech and real estate services that they rely on owner/operators to provide. How can owners work more collaboratively with tenants to meet their needs and reduce friction?


How is tech being used to bring residential housing into closer reach for a variety of market participants?


How are real estate companies actively using data to gain actionable insights that create efficiencies and reduce risk in their buildings.


What factors create “must have” tech and how do you convince owners to invest for the sake of innovation and long-term returns?


What do landlords need to think about as they build their strategy for the future, and why technology adoption is critical for landlords to become more future-forward and innovative.


Understand how the concept of wellness is being successfully (and profitably) being applied by building owners and managers, and what technologies are being used to create healthier buildings.


How are new and innovative techniques and materials such as intelligent concrete, green steel, and mass timber reinventing building construction?
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Conference Schedule

Day 1 | Wednesday | 9th November

08:00 - 09:00

Main conference registration & morning coffee


Chairman’s opening remarks


International keynote address I: The digitalisation of real estate and what this means for technology investment across your portfolio

With over 8,000 PropTech companies globally and US$ billions of funding activity in the already in 2022, the real estate industry is set for growth, innovation and transformation through technology. In this session we hear from Dr. Manuel Käsbauer, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer for PATRIZIA one of Europe’s largest Real Estate owners with assets of A$80Billion. Manuel will discuss his outlook of the global PropTech landscape, the future of investment and consolidation in the industry, and the impactful change and challenges being driven by technology adoption along the road to digitalise real estate. 

  • Implementing innovation and appropriate PropTech tools across your portfolio 
  • Direct investing in PropTech e.g. EVANA 
  • Investing in PropTech via VC funds such as PiLabs (UK, Europe), Camber Creek (USA) and one in Australia. 
  • Founding our own PropTech VC fund  
Dr. Manuel Käsbauer, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, PATRIZIA (Germany) | A$80Billion in Real Estate Assets



International keynote address II: Sharing our ESG strategy to achieve 3 key outcomes: Decarbonisation; Digitalisation and Disclosure

An active advocate for green building and sustainability, Esther has been instrumental in establishing CDL’s leadership in sustainability. In 2020 the company was ranked as the top real estate company on the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World. A pioneer CSR practitioner for over 20 years and a thought leader in sustainability, Esther sits on the board of many international organisations including the World Green Building Corporate Advisory Board, the Singapore Green Building Council Board and the Co-chair of the Urban Land Institute Singapore’s Sustainability Product Council. 

  • How to get unwavering board buy-in to create a healthier, safer, cleaner, and more equitable planet 
  • Establishing the 3 key strategic pillars of integration, innovation and investment 
  • The new powerbrokers – how are women and Gen Z influencing tenant, owner and investor strategies 
  • Partnering with others to invest in innovation and achieve sustainable outcomes 
Esther An, Chief Sustainability Officer, City Developments Limited (CDL), Singapore | Ranked the most sustainable real estate company and the 5th most sustainable company in the world 2022

Panel discussion: Decarbonising new commercial building as well as applying ESG to retrofits

Climate change may be one of the most urgent issues facing our industry. Buildings generate nearly 40% of annual global GHG emissions and 85% of buildings are more than 20 years old. This presents a tremendous global task – and opportunity – to retrofit real estate to be more sustainable, efficient, and perhaps even carbon negative. In this session, hear about the technologies, innovative financing models, and new strategies for de-carbonising and future-proofing of real estate assets. 

  • Assessing the impact of ESG across Real Estate and how it has evolved over the last 24 months 
  • How does retrofitting existing buildings differ from new builds from a sustainability perspective? 
  • From construction to facilities management – what can each player in the value chain do to drive better outcomes? 
  • How is technology solving ESG challenges and reducing the negative impact of buildings on the planet? 
Andrew Neary, Executive Director, PGIM Real Estate
Davina Rooney, Chief Executive Officer, Green Building Council Australia
Divya Pall, General Manager - Innovations, Hines (India) | A$220Billion in Real Estate Assets
Facilitated by:
Rick Walters, Chief of Standards and Innovation, GRESB

Morning tea & exhibition viewing



Workplace experience, productivity, health and digital office integration

Session Reserved for Partner


Panel discussion: The office is dead - or is it? Long live the office!

The pandemic threw a lot of aspects of the real estate industry into sharp relief — but nowhere were its effects more apparent than in the office sector. Through much of 2020 and 2021, downtown skyscrapers and office parks around the world were operating at a fraction of their capacity. As we emerge from this crisis, it’s clear that the office will be different. So where does that leave office landlords and how will technology positively impact commercial real estate going forward? 

  • What are the opportunities and risks for office landlords, investors and operators in a hybrid work world?  
  • Changing tenant demands – How has the need to manage flexible workforces, measure occupancy and meet higher standards for health, wellness and safety unleashed proptech investment?  
  • What sort of office space are tenants now looking for – and what are landlords doing to provide this?
Micah Schulz, Head of Office, Lendlease
Letitia Hope, Partnership Specialist, ISPT
Scott Stumbles, Development Director, Office & Mixed Use, Mirvac
Sasanka Liyanage, Head of Research, Charter Hall

Intelligent operations for commercial real estate: Maximising building health while driving real-world improvements in sustainability, operations and occupant experience

Session Reserved for Partner


Lunch and exhibition viewing



Panel discussion: Creating the future ready real estate agency through innovation and technology

Before the pandemic hit, residential agents and brokers were already under pressure to innovate — online portals were distributing listing information more rapidly, ibuyers were providing homeowners with more flexible financing options, and tech-forward brokers were using data and other online tools to stake their competitive advantage. These days, pretty much every agency will tell you they are tech-forward — but what kinds of innovations are making the difference? 

  • How are changes in buyer demographics and preferences upending the traditional agency business 
  • Leveraging big data & analytics to identify timely opportunities and increase sales 
  • The shift towards Build To Rent – How tenant facing proptech solutions could hold the key to future growth 
  • Combining the power of marketing, sales and property management tools to help agencies grow 
  • Looking at sustainability and how it transitions to liveability from a residential perspective 
John Minns, Property Services Commissioner, NSW Department of Customer Service
Domonic Thompson, National Head of Residential Real Estate, Macquarie Bank
Alexander Phillips, Partner, PPD Real Estate
Cecille Weldon, Creator, The Liveability Real Estate Framework
Facilitated by:
Kylie Davis, Founder & President, Proptech Association Australia

Panel discussion: Examining the future of leasing for agencies and their tenants

Technology is providing both owners and tenants with new opportunities, efficiencies and innovations with commercial leasing. Office and tenant behaviour is changing quickly and taking unexpected turns. With technology at the forefront, CRE professionals are able to harness tech to both market and access new tenants, as well as rethink what their lease looks like. As tenants continue to demand flexibility, technology is allowing owners to respond in suit, as well as provide a leasing experience that reflects tech-forward preferences. In a continuously evolving world, what technologies should you be using to revolutionise leasing? This session will take a dive into the future of office marketing and leasing.

Mark Curtain, Head of Office Leasing Asia-Pacific, CBRE
Katherine Moss, Director, Occupier Services, Savills Australia
Will Hamilton, Head of Office Leasing – NSW, JLL
Jo Gordon, Director, Gordon Property Advisory Services
Facilitated by:
Aaron McGhee, Director Investments, Walker Corporation

Afternoon tea and exhibition viewing


Interactive round table discussions

In this session we bring together delegates in a series of 7 x 30 minute facilitated round table discussions, with leading industry experts. Join a table that most interests you and discuss the latest technology and industry trends with likeminded individuals. This will be followed by a quick summary by Table Facilitators.

Round Table 1: Ensuring occupier wellbeing and maximising real estate asset value by optimising facilities management
Moderator: Kevin Williams, Managing Director, Core Vision 

Round Table 2: Data & AI: Predicting real estate’s future

Round Table 3: Smart building connectivity to increase efficiency and boost economic outcomes for owners, managers and occupants

Round Table 4: Technology for healthy and sustainable buildings

Round Table 5: Flexible workspace management tools

Round Table 6: Transforming the mall experience by leveraging technology and multichannel strategies

Round Table 7:  What technologies should you be using to revolutionise leasing

Kevin Williams, Managing Director, Core Vision



Exploring the future of retail, shopping malls and mixed-use precincts

The pandemic has solidified e-commerce’s ascendancy against the shopping mall. People have been forced to stay at home, increasing their online shopping habits in a bid to avoid visiting shops. But does this spell the end of physical retail or has it just supercharged it’s evolution? In this presentation we’ll unpack the factors driving investment in innovative new build and redeveloped shopping malls that are going beyond the norm and offering a more personalised customer experience. 

  • Customer Centricity: Differentiating the consumer offering, with a focus on experience and convenience 
  • Technology: Transforming the mall experience by leveraging technology and multichannel strategies 
  • Design, Layout and Delivery: Exploration of new formats and commercial and mixed use real estate opportunities 
  • ESG: Creating healthy and sustainable shopping centres
Melissa Hardy, Director, Business Performance & Technology, Real Estate, QIC

Panel discussion: Creating tech precincts that foster innovation while enhancing creativity, inclusion and more

In the session we will examine the role landlords, accelerators, government and organisations can play in creating precincts that enable innovation to flourish and develop technologies that enhance our lives and the wellbeing for all.

Annie Parker, Executive Director, Tech Central, Greater Sydney Commission
Steve King, Product Lead, Design System and Accessibility, Canva
Marie-Anne Lampotang, Group Manager – Sydney Hubs, Stone and Chalk
Dr Manisha Amin, Chief Executive Officer, Centre For Inclusive Design
Facilitated by:
Letitia Hope, Partnership Specialist, ISPT

Networking drinks reception


Harbour cruise & dinner

Join us on one of the most beautiful harbours in the world as we celebrate with speakers and guests. The cruise will return guests to Barangaroo when the celebrations will continue at one of Barangaroo’s iconic towers or bars.

Day 2 | Thursday | 10th November


Main conference registration & morning coffee


Chairman’s opening remarks



Looking at the results of the FuturePlace PropTech ANZ Report

In this session we look at the key finding uncovered by the lengthy survey and interview with leaders of the Australian and New Zealand PropTech Industry. Companies involved in curating this report include Investa, New Zealand Super, Gravel Road Ventures, Willow, Equiem, Switch Automation and many more. Julia will dissect the findings uncovered by the report.

Julia Arlt, Global Digital Real Estate Leader, PWC (Austria) | #7 Most Influential Person in PropTech Globally

International keynote address IV: Innovation implementation: Strategies to overcome the common challenges associated with tech adoption and deployment

While the real estate industry is the largest in the world as measured by global GDP, it historically invests the least in technology and innovation. Learn how PGIM, one of the leading-edge real estate companies, globally embraces technology from strategy to implementation – as well how they create an internal culture that leans in on the innovation front to drive success across their portfolio. 

  • Innovation driven by the business to identify and solve challenging problems 
  • Selecting the right solution for the problem, while challenging common assumptions 
  • Understanding and overcoming common challenges to a successful PropTech deployment 
  • How PropTech companies can work successfully with a large real estate organization
Lauren Alpeyrie, Director - Global Innovation, PGIM Real Estate (USA) | A$290Billion in Real Estate Assets

International keynote address V: Collaborating with peers to drive a true innovation culture

Sino Group is one of the largest property developers in Hong Kong and whose core business comprises the development of and investment in residential, office, industrial and retail properties and hotels across Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. In his role Andrew overseas the groups technology implementation and development with investment across all of the groups real estate sectors. As Co-Chair of the HK PropTech Alliance, Andrew works with 14 of the largest developers in Hong Kong to drive innovation and PropTech adoption. In this session we examine his journey: 

  • From PropTech to ConTech and Property Management to ESG; what are the latest trends in innovation being implemented by Sino Group across APAC?
  • Looking at automation and robotics and its role within the Sino Groups portfolio
  • Why was the HK PropTech Alliance established and what are they looking to achieve? How are they looking to work with AusTrade in Hong Kong?
  • Examining how PropTech adoption and the role of innovation is different across Singapore, Greater China and Australia and why is this the case?
Andrew Young, Group Chief Innovation Officer, Sino Group & Co-Chair, HK PropTech Alliance | 130 million square foot investment portfolio over 250 buildings across Australia, Hong Kong & Singapore

Fireside chat: Catching a Unicorn: The story behind the success and sale of Aconex

The Australian market was stunned when US giant Oracle swooped in with a huge deal to buy Aconex. What seemed like a great deal for shareholders has proven to be a great buy for the US Tech giant. In this intimate discussion with rising ConTech star Ynomia, we hear what were the factors that led to the rise and success of Aconex and the lessons for tech startups in Australia?

Rob Phillpot, Chief Executive Officer, Gravel Road Ventures & Former Founder, Aconex
Interviewed by:
Matthew Barbuto, Co-Founder, Ynomia

Morning tea and exhibition viewing


International keynote address VI: Wading through the Metaverse noise to create an effective web 3.0

Divya Pall Heads Innovation for Hines India and is part of their dynamic global Innovation Team. Divya is tasked with identifying, developing and scaling Proptechs for Hines and their portfolio of property assets valued in excess of US$160 Billion across 240 cities in 27 countries globally. Since the pandemic Divya has evaluated over 100 Proptechs, piloted 30+ and rolled out over 10 into their portfolio. In this session we examine the mysteries and applications of the Metaverse.

Divya Pall, General Manager - Innovations, Hines (India) | A$220Billion in Real Estate Assets



Panel discussion: Using Data Analytics to de-risk real estate and the built world

“Big data” has been a hot concept for some time in real estate, as large owner/operators have used increasingly sophisticated tools to aggregate information about every aspect of their buildings. But there’s a difference between having lots of data and putting it to use. This session will look at how real estate companies are actively using data to gain actionable insights that create efficiencies and reduce risk across their portfolio of buildings. A new generation of companies wants to make sure that data is more than just a buzzword that can create a sustainable competitive advantage. 

  • Looking at how data is collected and what information can extracted through analytics to enhance tenant experience, foster sustainable outcomes and increase company profits 
  • Building the data brief with the end goal in mind – and what role is innovation playing in driving better data analytics? 
  • Deciding when to outsource or to keep inhouse – how can you get real value from outsourcing your data analytics function? 
  • Examining what are the ethical issues that need to be considered when collecting and using data? 
Panellists include:
Joanna Marsh, General Manager, Innovation & Advanced Analytics, Investa
Frank Zeichner, Chief Executive Officer, IoT Alliance Australia
Lauren Alpeyrie, Director - Global Innovation, PGIM Real Estate (USA) | A$290Billion in Real Estate Assets
Steven Bird, Senior Product Manager, Lendlease Digital

How Digital Twins can make your buildings more attractive to tenants and investors

Session Reserved for Partner


Lunch and exhibition viewing



Tech talks: Game-changing technologies that can be deployed today

In this session 4 leading tech companies showcase game-changing technologies that can be applied within real estate and the broader built environment today. These mini-presentations will be followed by a 20 minute panel discussion.


A provocative approach to sifting through the noise and hype surrounding PropTech

  • Does FOMO still eat due diligence for breakfast?
  • Navigating the corporate smoke and mirrors when identifying, evaluating and deploying technology with your buildings
  • Is most of ESG simply greenwashing and window dressing, or can we make a meaningful change?
  • Peeking behind the Great Firewall and could China’s technology leave the world behind?
Jordan Kostelac, Director PropTech - Asia Pacific, JLL (Hong Kong)

Panel discussion: Examining the role of research in fostering tech innovation and industry growth

The building industry is an enormous contributor to the economy, employing around 1.4 million Australians and representing around 13% of GDP. Australia’s existing high-cost, low-tech building sector is an ideal target for the disruption that most experts agree is heading towards the sector. In this session we look at how real estate owners, operators, tech companies and VC’s are collaborating with Building 4.0 CRC to help prepare the industry and place Australia among world-leaders in the field.  

  • How is the industry collaborating on research and what innovation is being created?
  • How is innovation within building materials making our buildings safer, more efficient and sustainable?
  • Examining the role of VC’s and CVC’s in seeding PropTechs and democratising the ideas that will transform the built world
  • How is the industry partnering with startups, and what more can they do?
Panellists include:
Daryl Patterson, Chief Product Officer & Head of Design, Lendlease Digital
Isaac J. Coonan, Industry Lead, Building 4.0 CRC & Founder, Proptech BNE
Matthew Barbuto, Co-Founder, Ynomia
Anthony Millet, Global Partner, Co-Head, Antler Capital

Locknote address: Unlocking innovation across the design and build in China - the fastest growing urban environment in the world

Honqi leads a team of 1,600 architects and their company is responsible for the design and development of some of the most iconic buildings and precincts in China. In this session Hongqi will talk about the scale that has been undertaken over the last 2 decades in developing China. However, with the collapse of Evergrande, we will examine how the focus has shifted to one of quality and how innovation is driving this change towards lifestyle and buildings with purpose.

Hongqi Guo, Founding Partner & Design Director, Shanghai Yitong Design Co (China) | Winner of the 2021 Pro+ Award - one of the most prestigious real estate development awards in China

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